Things To Know Before Climbing Mount Everest


Every year many people go for hiking to Mount Everest. It’s a dream of almost everyone to visit and climb one of the highest mount in the world. Mount Everest has highest peak in the world and many people strive to reach the summit. Climbing this mount is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience, determination and ...

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Using Price Comparison Apps for Your Wedding


When you are planning a wedding, the price of everything matters. To avoid going over budget it is best to find and use price comparison apps for everything from your wedding day venue to your flowers, dress and cake. Most of these apps are free or low cost and can be downloaded to an Android or Apple based smartphone or ...

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What is GAP insurance and how does it work?


Vehicle insurance also known as motor insurance is a tricky subject if you are not aware of its intricacies. Apparently it may seem that getting your car or two wheeler insured would offer complete financial protection in the event the vehicle meets with an accident that causes the insurer to write it off. But the ground realities are quite different ...

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Scientillion – A New Face of Search Engine

If you’re a student of Science you might have heard of Scientillion, but if you haven’t then you should because Scientillion is the new face of search engine. A search engine which is designed to limit your search results only to the thing which are related to science i.e. Physics, mathematics etc. Preparing research notes or assignments related to a ...

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PlaceMe.PK Pakistani Startup Helps Students In Searching Hostels


In our daily life, we face lots of problems and some has the solutions which we call it innovation such as smartphone is an innovation which is the solution of many problems. In the same way nowadays, students or business professionals can’t find hostels or rooms for their selves as they travel. Pakistani guys has found the solution for it. ...

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Getting the Most of Your Business Social Media Accounts


If you read anything about giving your business the best advantages online right now you’ll see at least one mention of utilizing social media. Social media can help you relate and connect more to your customers, it can help with brand awareness, it can help attract new customers, and it can also help turn visitors into sales. Social media, for ...

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Dual Boot Windows With Elementary OS

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In this article i will show you how to dual boot your window 10 with Elementary OS. About ElementaryOS Elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution.The distribution initially started as a set of themes and applications designed for Ubuntu which later turned into its own Linux distribution.This distribution uses Gala as its window manager. The Elementary OS provides better global aesthetics by ...

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3 Facts about wide format printing


Gone are the days when the traditional printing machines used to be the only trusted printing equipments.  Today, it is possible to get quality print advertisement done without using heavy machinery.  Just a simple printer like the inkjet or laser printers that we are familiar with, this printer can do the job of wide format printing. The process of printing ...

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